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Our incredibly talented gunsmith tells us he will be slowing down and going part time in the near future. NECG is now looking for a gunsmith to work along side him to learn the complexity of our business. Applicants should be highly creative, possess the skill and knowledge of the high end rifle and shotgun industry and also not be afraid to get their hands dirty.

We DO NOT specialize in or work on AR platforms or handguns.

All applications must be sent to NECG 741 Main Street Claremont NH 03743 or emailed to 

As our name implies, New England Custom Gun Service, Ltd. was originally founded with the intention of providing top quality gunsmithing, gunmaking and restoration services to discerning customers whose interests and needs fall within the scopes of traditional hunting and shooting of long guns. Many of the products we offer have been designed by us from our experiences in the field or at the request of our customers. Although we now offer a large variety of products to the shooting sports industry, we still provide top quality gunsmithing as well. NECG strives to provide the finest quality products and services for the enjoyment of the hunting and shooting enthusiast.


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