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NECG custom orders all Krieghoff's to the customers specifications and requirements. 

Please contact us with your list of options and allow us to put together a quote for you.



Krieghoff Classic Double Rifle


 Classic - Basic specifications as described in Krieghoff literature, including the following specifications:

Standard engraving – Small Arabesques; UAS anti-doubling device; Combi Cocking Device for the ultimate in safety; Extractors; Double triggers; Steel trigger guard; Classic ‘BIG FIVE’ stock with cheekpiece; Schnabel forearm; Black .600” (15mm) ‘Old English’ style Decelerator recoil pad; 1” quick-detachable sling swivels; Removable muzzle wedge for easier re-regulating on standard calibers and .375; Regulated over open sights at 88 yards (80m) for standard caliber and 55 yards (50m) for Big Five calibers. Hinged Front trigger; Non-removable muzzle wedge for rigidity. (Larger than .375 caliber)




STANDARD (7x57R, 7x65R, .308 Win, 30-06, 8x57JRS, 8x75RS, 8.5x63R, 9.3x74R) Email or Call for a Quote
BIG FIVE (.375H&H,.375 Flgd Mag NE,.450/.400NE,.500/.416NE,.470NE,.500NE 3”) Email or Call for a Quote
BIG FIVE Grade II (Includes Small Game Scene and Best Select Wood) Email or Call for a Quote





Krieghoff Semprio




Krieghoff Semprio In-Line Repeating Rifle
SEMPRIO – Basic specifications as described in Krieghoff literature, including the following specifications:
Full Take-Down capability; Standard black or nickel finish; In-Line-Action; Combi Cocking Device for the ultimate in safety; Detachable box magazine; Walnut stock with Semprio cheekpiece or Next G-1 Vista™ Forest Green or Blaze Orange Camouflage; Black ‘Old English’ style recoil pad; 1” “Klick & Go” quick-detachable sling swivels.
KRIEGHOFF SEMPRIO In-Line Rifle in std. cal.                                          Email or Call for a Quote
(.223 Rem;.243 Win.; 6.5x55; .270 Win.; 7x64; .308 Win.; .30-06 Spr.; 8x57IS; 9.3x62)
KRIEGHOFF SEMPRIO In-Line Rifle in mag. cal.                                        Email or Call for a Quote
(7 mm Rem. Mag.; .300 Win. Mag.; .375 Ruger)


Krieghoff K-80s', K-20's and other shotguns.

Email or Call for details.




New England Custom Gun, Ltd.     741 Main Street     Claremont, NH 03743
Phone: (603) 287-4836     Fax: (603) 287-4832      E-Mail:

New England Custom Gun Service, Ltdspecializes in top quality gunmaking, gunsmithing and firearm restoration services to the sporting arms community, as well as high quality long arms, optics and gun components. Our shotgun line includes AyA and Blaser F16 shotguns, as well as drillings and combination guns from Germany by such makers as Merkel, and Krieghoff. Big bore guns, such as double rifles from Krieghoff, are available as well as bolt action rifles from these and other makers, including Sauer, Blaser, Dakota, and Mauser M12 & M18. Although not extensive, our used guns list is definitely worth checking if you are in seach of the occasional gem. We also offer our extensive gun components and gunsmithing tools list features a large assortment of scope mounts by EAW Recknagel, quality gun sights and gun accessories, including express sights by Recknagel, as well as our newly developed receiver sights, the NECG Peep Sight for Ruger rifles, Weaver Bases, Grooved 22 and now the CZ Peep 527 & CZ 550. You'll find a lot of knowledge at NECG. Please browse through all we have to offer. Then let us know how we can be of service!

NECG now imports RWS Ammunition from Germany in hard to find metric ammunition as well as offering lead free bullet options in American calibers. NECG offers Ghost Ring Peep sights for the CZ 527 and CZ 550 and a RUGER Ghost Ring peep sight for Ruger firearms with integral scope bases. NECG is also a place to book your next African plains game hunt to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. NECG also offers ERATAC and Recknagel Picatinny Rails, Bore-Blitz pull through bore cleaners and now GPO-USA or German Precision Optics along with Leica, MEOPTASwarovski and Zeiss.


*Refunds: A refund for the purchase price of the item, purchased directly from NECG, is possible by returning the unused item directly to us.