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Welcome to the NECG "TOY CHEST". We have added this section to our website to showcase the many other fine products we offer to the gun enthusiast or gunmaker.

The items you will find here represent hundreds of the highest quality sights, parts, accessories and components from around the world; many of them almost impossible to find in the United States. Please note that these are special order only. We do not stock these parts in inventory and are subject to a longer delivery time than our normal stock products. Please plan ahead and allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Click on the Recknagel Logo link above to see the complete "Toy Catalog". If you find something you have to have, let us know the item number and we would be happy to order it for you. Please note however that there is a 25% Restocking Fee for returned "Special Order" items.

The items found here are of the highest quality, produced by Recknagel in Bergrheinfeld, Germany. Recknagel manufactures most of the sight components found throughout our website and catalog. Whether it is of their design or ours, you can be assured that you will not find more precise components. We are comfortable in guaranteeing all Recknagel products.

These parts are machined from the finest steel utilizing modern technology, resulting in the highest quality on the market. Some parts, such as banded front ramps, are delivered "in the white," while others, such as front beads and rear sight inserts, are blued and ready to install. We have listed critical dimensions, available sizes and finish. Most should be self explanatory from their pictures.

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Screw-On O/U Swivel Base - RW-22400-0012
Screw-on O/U Swivel Base. Blued steel swivel attaches to the solid side ribs of a 12 gauge Over &...
Price: $32.00
Clamp On Shotgun Swivel - RW-22410-
Clamp On Shotgun Swivel. Blued steel clamp on swivel with detachable 1" sling swivel. Sized for 1...
Price: $70.00
European Barrel Band Swivel - RW-22600-
European Barrel Band Swivel. Steel barrel band with European swivel head with 7/8" fixed swivel l...
Price: $57.00
Steel Grip Caps - 2 Screw Low Dome - RW-24000-0100
Steel Grip Caps - 2 Screw Low Dome. Solid steel grip caps with a low domed profile offered in two...
Price: $45.00
Steel Grip Cap - "Screw Less" - RW-24000-0400
Steel Grip Cap -"Screw Less". Solid steel grip cap base with a press fit low dome insert with flu...
Price: $45.00
Steel Grip Cap - Flat with Single Screw - RW-24020-0100
Steel Grip Cap - Flat with Single Screw. Solid steel grip cap with a flat face, fluted border and...
Price: $45.00
Steel Grip Cap - Flat - 2 Screws - Fluted Border - RW-24020-0200
Steel Grip Cap - Flat - 2 Screws - Fluted Border. Solid steel grip cap with a flat face, fluted b...
Price: $45.00
Steel Grip Cap - Flat - 2 Screws - Flute & Shadow  - RW-24020-0400
Steel Grip Cap - Flat - 2 Screws - Fluted Border w/ Shadow Line. Solid steel lower profile grip c...
Price: $45.00
Skeleton Grip Caps - RW-24060-
Skeleton Grip Caps - Solid steel skeleton grip caps with 2 screws in three versions. Flat, Flat w...
Price: $58.00
Skeleton Buttplates - RW-24700-
Skeleton Buttplates - All steel skeleton buttplates offered in two style, Skeleton and Skeleton w...
Price: $274.00
Steel Buttplate - RW-24700-0800
Steel Buttplates - All steel buttplates. Delivered "in the white" with screws. 130mm x 43mm / 5.1...
Price: $254.00
Trap Door Buttplate - RW-24750-0050
Trap Door Buttplate - All steel buttplate with spring loaded trap door. Delivered "in the white" ...
Price: $386.00
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