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Unlike the usual cleaners with brushes, BoreBlitz uses special
sponges and rubber balls so that the strength
of this pull through barrel cleaner doesn’t wane after repeated use.
This barrel cleaner is available for calibers
.17 / 4.5 mm - .50 / 12.7 mm and all the way up to 12 gauge. 
The tear-resistant pull string of the BoreBlitz is led by a brass weight and can be wrapped around the BoreBlitz pull
handle provided with each bore cleaner.
Two integrated special sponges, located in the front and rear sections of the BoreBlitz, allow for the use of two solutions. A powder solvent in
first one and a bore cleaner in the second. This unigue design allows for a one-step barrel cleaning process.
The BoreBlitz utilizes cailber-optimized rubber balls contained within the BoreBlitz fabric. These rubber balls provide even pressure and
fluid distribution so that cleaning residues are removed gently and thoroughly. At the same time the pressure of the rubber balls aids in
drying the barrel of the cleaning solvents and allowing the gun to be used immediately after cleaning.
No more hard to pull bronze brushes!
No more Oil-Shots.  
While nothing works as well as a quality cleaning rod, we feel the BoreBlitz will be a welcome
addition to the hunter who wants a quality bore cleaning tool for the field or range.
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